Software update speeds 3-D scanning tasks

Oct. 12, 2020
Version 3.3 of Thor3D's Calibry Nest software makes texturizing a much quicker process.

Calibry Nest This software system from Thor3D works with the company’s 3-D scanners. It is a combination of two software programs, with one part pre-installed in Thor3D scanners, and the other that runs on a desktop or laptop. On the scanners, it handles tasks like choosing scanning modes, selecting sensitivity levels and transferring data to USB drives or to a computer. On a computer, it offers all-in-one capabilities for viewing and editing models, including ones made using other scanners or CAD software. The U.S. distributor for Thor3D products is Physimetrics.

What’s new? Version 3.3 of the software, which includes support for the Calibry Mini 3-D scanner and much faster texturizing.

Benefits Ease of use. Calibry Nest is designed to bridge the gap in needs between the new and experienced user, and offers a Simple Mode with only four buttons (Open, Start, Save and Settings) for use with similar objects. Its Advanced Mode offers more powerful tools for more complex needs, such as aligning several scans into one or smoothing geometry. It works with Thor3D’s Drake, Calibry and Calibry Mini scanners.

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