Cobot automates mobile measuring station

Oct. 7, 2020
GOM's ScanCobot can now use the Atos Q 3-D scanner for a quick, simple approach to measurement tasks.

ScanCobot GOM’s turnkey mobile measuring station integrates a collaborative robot with a 3-D scanner and a motorized rotation table. The wheeled cart allows the entire assembly to be moved to wherever measurement tasks are needed. Headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, GOM is represented in the U.S. by Capture 3D.

What’s new? Integration with the Atos Q 3-D scanner. This narrow-band blue light scanner comes equipped with GOM’s latest software, GOM Inspect Suite.

Benefits Simplicity of use. The software makes it easy for users without programming skills to quickly begin measurement tasks. Users can measure everything from small injection molded parts to complex 3-D printed parts to molds and tooling with the Atos Q scanner by simply swapping out its different-sized interchangeable lenses.

Capture 3D Inc., Santa Ana, Calif., 714-546-7278,

Vital statistics        

38.3 inches by 29.7 inches        
Height        39.4 inches        
Maximum part diameter        19.7 inches        
Maximum part height        19.7 inches        
Maximum part weight (on rotating table)        110 pounds