Wearable device monitors social distancing

Oct. 8, 2020
An Italian company that wanted to safely reopen in the wake of the pandemic developed the Safe Spacer to alert wearers when they get too close, as well as keep records of the data for potential contact tracing.

Safe Spacer The need to help safely reopen its own workplace in the wake of the pandemic led an Italian creator of computer music hardware and software to develop this wearable social distancing device. The Safe Spacer uses ultra-wideband technology, which is 10 times more accurate than Bluetooth, to alert wearers with a visual, vibratory or audio signal when they approach within 6 feet of another person wearing a Safe Spacer.

What’s new? The Safe Spacer, which began shipping in September.

Benefits Scalability. The company says Safe Spacer can be used to monitor up to 10,000 people in businesses or public facilities. The core electronic unit can be worn in a wristband, lanyard or belt loop carrier, and be removed from its carrier for recharging in an optional docking station, or to be cleaned and sanitized before being worn by another user. A unique ID tag and built-in memory for each unit can store data that can be retrieved later to monitor safe social distancing, perform contact tracing or even achieve more productive workflows.

IK Multimedia US LLC, Sunrise, Fla., 954-846-9101, www.safespacer.net