Oil key to keep Boy presses running

Sept. 23, 2020

By Karen Hanna

Designed for reliability, Boy injection molding machines make only a fistful of maintenance demands on users. You can count the most important factors on one hand: hydraulics, process consistency, mechanical components, electrical control and safety.  

“First and foremost, our machines are designed to require minimal annual maintenance, and what is required may seem simple, but it is very effective in keeping the life of our machines,” said national service manager Jason Canalewho offered a variety of preventive tips in an interview with Plastics Machinery Magazine for an upcoming story on maintenance. 

Hydraulics is the most important factor, and oil is key. Technicians should check the condition of their machine’s oil every 5,000 hours by taking sample from the bottom of the oil reservoir. This is especially important if the oil is running hotter than its optimal temperature, of around 104 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, every 5,000 hours, technicians should replace the high-pressure oil filter. 

Every 20,000 hours, technicians should change their machine’s oil and wipe the inside of the oil reservoir with solvent and a lint-free cloth. Before it’s added, new oil must be filtered through a 5- or 10-micron filter. 

In addition, technicians should check the oil-reservoir breather filter at least once a year for blockage to prevent the oil reservoir from being pressurized. 

Canale also offered several tips involving process consistency, mechanical components, electrical control and safety. They include checking the mechanical linear stroke transducer couplings to be sure they are properly attached; using an anti-seize compound on the threads of barrel components, including the nozzle, screw tip and barrel-cap bolts; keeping all nuts and bolts tight; making sure the cooling fan for the electrical cabinet is working; checking for damaged wiring; and inspecting all safety devices daily. 

Watch for comprehensive stories on making your machinery last in the November issue and on www.plasticsmachinerymagazine.com. 


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