Cobot designed for lights-out production has longer reach

Oct. 8, 2020
Productive Robotics' new OB7-Stretch cobot has a longer reach (4 feet) and lighter maximum payload (8.8 pounds) than the company's standard OB7 cobot.

OB7 Productive Robotics Inc.’s OB7 collaborative robots are engineered to perform complex tasks while maximizing safety, convenience and productivity. Suited for performing a variety of tasks, including welding, cutting, painting and assembly, the cobots have seven axes. The seventh axis, the J3 arm, allows the cobots to operate in confined workspaces and reach around obstructions such as a machine’s sliding door. They can be taught new tasks by dropping and dragging tiles on the control interface; no coding or programming is required. Absolute Machine Tools distributes the line for Carpinteria, Calif.-based Productive Robotics. 

What’s new? The OB7-Stretch model, the fourth in the product line, and several software updates. The OB7-Stretch has a longer reach (4 feet) and lighter maximum payload (8.8 pounds) than the standard OB7 cobot. Software upgrades include the ability of OB7 cobots to directly monitor and control the machines they are working with for fast and easy integration with compatible systems. The upgrades also include live online status monitoring and email and text message alerts for status updates, machine stoppages and other issues.   

Benefits Enhanced connectivity for efficient integration with other equipment. The easily accessible status monitoring and alert functions enhance the cobots’ ability to run lights-out. 

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