Mahr microscope makes high performance portable

Sept. 23, 2020

MarSurf CM mobile Mahr’s portable confocal microscope performs 3-D measurement and analysis of surfaces to provide insight into surface structures and processing. The optical surface metrology tool measures layer thicknesses, micro-geometries, roughness and topography — including volume, wear and isotropy. Because of its low weight and operation via laptop, it is well-suited for measuring tools, parts and workpieces that are too large to transport to the lab or place on a benchtop tool. It has motorized X, Y and Z axes and provides quantitative, traceable information on 3-D characteristics.     

What’s new? Various upgrades, including a 16-bit high-dynamic-range camera that improves data density by five times and improves low-light sensitivity by 256 times. 

Benefits High performance and convenience. Users can perform laboratory-quality measurement of surface finishes, waviness, micro-contours and micro-geometries nearly anywhere. It has acquisition speeds of up to 100 frames per second and can measure shiny, matte, smooth and transparent surfaces. Additionally, its easy-to-use software allows fast measurement, analysis and report generation.  

Mahr Inc., Providence, R.I., 401-784-3100,