Temperature screening station can be tailored to fit needs

Sept. 4, 2020

Temperature screening station Creform created this station to help companies safely check entering visitors and employees for fever, one of the symptoms of COVID-19. The station features a clear plastic panel with a hole that allows the screener to take a temperature while remaining separate from the person being screened. It also has a table to hold supplies and documents. Constructed from plastic-coated steel pipe and metal joints, it is 4 feet wide, 1.7 feet deep and 7.3 feet tall. The unit is mounted on casters, two of which have brakes; optionally, the station can be made with stationary feet. Other options include side panels, a roof, hooks, lights, signage, different pipe colors and custom dimensions.  

What’s new? The screening station. 

Benefits Workplace safety and adaptability. Creform can configure the temperature screening station to meet the needs of individual companies.  

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