New TCUs meet government energy standards

Sept. 15, 2020
TCUs from Delta T Systems' open tank series have a new pump design that's more efficient.

Open tank TCU These portable temperature control units (TCUs) from Delta T Systems are compact and easy to maintain. They are available in 30 models, with heating capacity ranging from 9 kilowatts (kW) to 36 kW, and five different pump sizes, from 0.75-horsepower (hp) to 3 hp. Each TCU comes with a bi-metal switch to prevent overheating, motor circuit protection and dry-run protection for the heater.

What’s new? The pump design. This series of TCUs, which was released in July, is compliant with the Department of Energy’s 2020 conservation standards.

Benefits Reduced energy consumption. The new pump creates 50 percent to 100 percent greater flow at the same pressure point on the pump curve, compared to previous TCU designs. The open tank TCUs are also suited to locations with poor water quality or no water supply, because it’s easier to chemically treat the limited amount of water circulating in this closed-loop system.

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