Mold dehumidifier now kills germs and viruses

July 14, 2020
Blue Air Systems' new DMSterile unit uses UV-C light to assure the air it introduces to the production process is sterile.

DMSterile Austria’s Blue Air Systems makes Dry Mold System (DMS) mold dehumidifiers in a range of sizes. The DMS is a condensation dryer that uses a refrigeration system to dehumidify ambient air. In the U.S., Comet Plastic Equipment represents Blue Air Systems.

What’s new? An aseptic version of the DMS unit that employs UV-C light kills germs and viruses in the air it circulates.

Benefits Safety. Use of a DMSterile unit assures that food and pharmaceutical packaging, such as PET preforms and sealing caps, encounters only sterile air during production. This also reduces the contaminants circulating in the work area, protecting workers. The units require no chilled water to operate and, like the standard version, save energy, reducing production costs by as much as 80 percent. Currently, the new capabilities are only available on newly built units, but the company plans to offer what it calls its Clean Blue Air Box as a retrofit for existing DMS units.

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