Versatile welder handles difficult materials, parts

July 10, 2020
Forward Technology's HD2X-OSW spin welder accommodates a range of tooling options.

HD2X-OSW Forward Technology’s new dual-axis servo spin welder can be used to join or assemble parts molded from a variety of thermoplastics.  

What’s new? The welder. Featuring the latest Allen-Bradley control package, it came out early this year.   

Benefits Ease of use, precision, versatility, and excellent rotational and vertical positioning. With a vertical stroke of 24 inches, the welder can accommodate a variety of tool options. At the push of a button, users can switch from tall to short tools without manually adjusting the welding head’s vertical position. The welder can handle parts with large diameters, as well as difficult applications and materials. Additionally, the Allen-Bradley package gives users freedom to customize the welder and automate the welding process. 

Forward Technology, Cokato, Minn., 320-286-2578, 

Vital statistics 

Pounds of press force  600 
Rotational tolerance accuracy  To within 0.1 degree 
Vertical weld tolerance  To within 0.002 inch 
Welding depth   To within 0.002 inch