Weighing ring saves energy, time

July 9, 2020
Vismec’s HALO weighing ring measures throughput of resin in real time and communicates with other auxiliary equipment via a Modbus connection.

HALO Vismec’s HALO weighing ring measures throughput of resin in real time and communicates to other auxiliary equipment via a Modbus connection. It can be installed atop the hopper of individual Vismec dryers and used with Vismec’s Visibus central conveying control system; it also can be integrated with compatible third-party dryers and central conveying systems. 

What’s new? The HALO weighing ring. 

Benefits Time and energy savings. When connected to a compatible dryer with a variable-speed blower, HALO saves energy by telling the dryer to increase or decrease airflow to match the resin it contains. This also protects the resin from overdrying. When connected to a conveying system such as Visibus, HALO measures exact throughput, helping optimize load and purge times. For example, if an operator has been using a 30-second load time, but HALO indicates to the Visibus system the load cycle was completed in 20 seconds, the system will stop the cycle and free up valuable vacuum power to other receivers. 

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