Laser system prevents crane collisions

June 17, 2020
LaserGuard Mini uses preset limits to slow and then halt overhead cranes.

LaserGuard Mini Columbus McKinnon’s new system prevents crane-to-crane and crane-to-wall collisions in overhead material handling systems. The LaserGuard Mini automatically limits crane speed when the crane reaches the initial slow-down point and then halts motion completely at the stopping point. Users can program the distances directly on the system’s laser, or from a computer. The system is suited for all types of cranes that are equipped with variable frequency drives, soft starters or contactor controls.

What’s new? The device, which has an increased detection range compared to prior products.

Benefits Safety. LaserGuard Mini ensures that overhead material handling systems operate smoothly and avoid collisions, reducing maintenance costs and improving productivity and uptime. Additionally, the system is easy to install.

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