Conair feeder offers single-pellet accuracy

June 22, 2020
The TrueFeed Micro Feeder has the precision needed for lab and specialized production applications.

TrueFeed Micro Feeder Conair’s new feeder can count and dispense standard and micro pellets one by one for specialized production and laboratory needs, including injection molding micro parts, extruding filament or dosing tiny amounts of highly concentrated additives. The device optically counts the pellets before dispensing them into a machine hopper, feed throat or mixer. The feeder features an 8-inch touch-screen control that can store multiple recipes and operate two feeders at once.

What’s new? The TrueFeed Micro Feeder, and its ability to dispense ultra-low doses of materials at a rate of less than 5 pellets per second.

Benefits Single-pellet accuracy and cost savings. The feeder’s patented dosing system can reduce material expenses by eliminating the need for specialty compounds. Users can take standard virgin resin and masterbatch or an additive to create their own compounds.

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