New OnRobot grippers have a handle on heavy payloads

May 1, 2020
Both the VGC10 and 3FG15 end-of-arm tools from OnRobot can manage payloads up to 33 pounds.

Robot gripper specialist OnRobot has introduced a compact, highly configurable end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) designed for tight spaces and payloads up to 33 pounds.  

The company’s new VGC10 gripper can have from one to seven vacuum cups in its standard configuration. Arms can be added to provide more customization options for the vacuum cups.

OnRobot said this flexibility means it can work with nearly any shape of part. It can be used for packaging and palletizing, machine tending and pick-and-place operations.

“The kit has everything you need to configure your own gripper,” said Kristian Hulgard, GM of OnRobot’s Americas division, during an interview at the ATX West trade show in Anaheim in February. “Being able to integrate end-of-arm-tooling is a powerful advantage.”

The built-in electric vacuum system means the VGC10 does not need external compressed air, which reduces operating costs.

The VGC10 has two independently controlled air channels that allow it to pick up and release in the same action, which reduces cycle times. OnRobot said the gripping time is 0.35 second and the release time is 0.20 second. It can be used with a single air channel for improved gripping performance.

The VGC10 comes with integrated software and is easy to install and program, the company said.

The  VGC10 is 3.97 inches tall by 3.94 inches wide by 3.94 inches long. The gripper weighs 1.79 pounds.

The VGC10 comes with an adapter plate that gives users the ability to easily configure the vacuum cups. The adapter plate mounts to the gripper with four screws.

It is equipped with vacuum cups with diameters of 15mm, 30mm and 40mm.

The gripper has integrated dust filters that can be changed by users.

The new gripper is compatible with any major collaborative or light industrial robot through OnRobot’s One System Solution platform. The platform provides an electrical and mechanical interface between the robot arm and the EOAT. This system provides a click-on and click-off installation for the EOAT, Hulgard said.

The VGC10 is the most recent iteration of OnRobot’s popular VG10 gripper. The VGC10 is smaller and weighs half as much but still handles the same payload as the earlier model.

OnRobot has also introduced a three-finger electric gripper for cylindrical objects. Known as the 3FG15, the gripper has a 5.9-inch stroke and is suited for machine tending when the ability to lift heavy payloads up to 33 pounds is needed, including CNC lathe machines. The unit uses form fit for internal gripping and friction fit for external gripping of parts.

The company said the gripper’s design, specifically developed for machine-tending tasks, automatically centers workpieces, resulting in a strong, stable grip and precise placement in machine chucks.

OnRobot is headquartered in Odense, Denmark, with a U.S. office in Dallas.

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