MiR's autonomous robot charges battery faster

June 3, 2020
The MiR250 autonomous mobile robot charges twice as quickly as some earlier robots.

MiR250 The MiR250 joins Mobile Industrial Robots’ line of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which are designed to handle internal logistics tasks, such as collecting and delivering shelves or carts with raw materials, scrap or finished parts within a facility.  

What’s new? Faster charging. The MiR250 can be charged twice as quickly as MiR’s earlier industrial robots.  

Benefits Less downtime and greater agilityFor an AMR operating around the clock, faster charging means three extra hours of operation per 24-hour period. Additionally, the robot’s small size allows it to navigate through openings as narrow as 2.6 feet. The solidly built AMRs are robust enough to handle the demands of industrial environments. 

Mobile Industrial Robots Inc., Holbrook, N.Y., 631-675-1838, www.mobile-industrial-robots.com/en   

Vital statistics 
Footprint (feet) 1.9 by 2.6 
Height (inches) 


Payload (pounds)  551 
Top speed (miles per hour)  4.5