Unit performs compounding at the press

May 1, 2020
Yizumi-HPM’s compound delivery system (CDS) can be connected to an injection molding machine to compound various materials, including glass fiber and other additives.

CDS Yizumi-HPM’s compound delivery system (CDS) consists of a mobile, single-screw extruder and related equipment that can be connected to an injection molding machine to perform what the company calls "direct compounding injection molding,” or DCIM. The CDS module compounds various materials, including glass fiber and other additives, into a homogenous melt that it meters directly into the feed zone of the injection molding machine. The system has an L:D ratio of 32:1 and can be used for recycling and for processing biopolymers and biodegradable polymers.  

What’s new? The CDS system, which comes in four sizes, with maximum throughputs ranging from 77 pounds per hour to about 770 pounds per hour. It can be used with injection molding machines from Yizumi-HPM and other manufacturers. 

Benefits Energy savings and versatility. Compounding resin and additives directly at the injection molding machine saves energy and carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating a heating and cooling step. The process also improves plasticizing performance by as much as 30 percent, compared to standard injection molding. The module’s flexible connection anheight adjustment feature allow it to be easily connected to and disconnected from an injection molding machine, giving users flexibility in how they use their machine.  

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