Temperature relief

April 15, 2020
Thermal Care, Moretto and Frigel have expanded their lines with new and upgraded temperature controllers and chillers.

Staff Report

Upgrades and launches of new temperature-control units (TCUs) and chillers continue at a fever pitch, as auxiliary equipment companies Thermal Care, Moretto and Frigel have expanded their lines. Recent developments include new sizes and new features for energy efficiency.

Thermal Care

Thermal Care last month added a larger, 30-ton unit to its Accuchiller NQV variable-speed portable chiller line. The NQV line now ranges from 5 tons to 30 tons of cooling capacity and is available in both air-cooled and water-cooled models.

The NQV chillers use a variable-speed compressor and a PLC to constantly monitor the heat load and adjust the compressor speed as needed.

Thermal Care said NQV users have experienced energy savings of up to 51 percent compared with conventional chillers, which use a compressor running at a fixed speed regardless of process load.

The 5-ton, 10-ton and 15-ton chillers each have one variable-speed compressor. The 20-ton unit uses a 10-ton variable-speed and a 10-ton fixed-speed compressor. The new 30-ton unit uses a 15-ton variable-speed and a 15-ton fixed-speed compressor.

The chillers come with warranties covering one year for labor and 18 months for parts.   


Moretto’s X Cooler modular chillers save energy by minimizing compressor starts. The series is equipped with a unique screw compressor that controls the refrigerant flow rate based on need.

Moretto featured the X Cooler at K 2019, and it is now available in the North American market.

The evaporator is sized for energy efficiency. The closed-loop hydraulic system has two pumps, one for internal circulation between the tank and evaporator and a second one for external distribution.

The X Cooler also has centrifugal duct fans and electronic expansion valves for additional energy savings.

The system’s modular design means that processors can tailor it to their needs by connecting as many as six units that generate up to 900 kilowatts (kW) cooling capacity.

Operators can control the system through a touch screen.

At K 2019, Moretto also showed its TE-KO series of temperature controllers. The series’ five controllers include the TWK Zero S, which is designed for micro injection and extrusion applications and uses water to control temperatures of up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. The TWK controller uses water for applications of up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit, while the TOK uses oil for temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Other versions use either pressurized water and direct-exchange water.

Units in the TE-KO series are modular and built of stainless steel to resist corrosion.

All the new innovations can be hooked up to Mowis, Moretto’s proprietary, SCADA software that can connect, control and monitor machines plantwide.


Frigel has expanded its family of packaged air-cooled chillers for plastics processing with the MRM line of industrial chillers for heavy-duty applications.

The series’ 15 air-cooled chillers are rated to deliver 16 tons to 125 tons of cooling capacity, and have touch-screen controllers that offer data storage, remote monitoring and adjustments for optimum performance, and a link to Frigel’s service department for remote troubleshooting. They have a wide operating set-point range from 23 degrees to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

The chillers are available in multiple configurations, including units with one to four high-efficiency hermetic scroll or multi-scroll compressors with one or two refrigeration circuits. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, with a standard ambient temperature range from minus 13 degrees to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

The MRMs can be interconnected via Frigel’s 3PR Intelligent Control System, which monitors and adjusts the system to optimize performance. With the 3PR Intelligent Control System, users can link multiple machines together.


Frigel North America Inc., East Dundee, Ill., 847-540-0160, www.frigel.com

Moretto USA LLC, Jackson Center, Pa., 724-269-7600, www.moretto.com

Thermal Care Inc., Niles, Ill., 847-966-2260, www.thermalcare.com