Workstation provides space for automated part inspection

April 10, 2020
New Scale Robotics' Q-Span Workstation can be used with a cobot from Universal Robotics for quality assurance.
Q-Span Workstation New Scale Robotics’ quality-assurance measurement system includes all the hardware and software necessary for automated part measurement, other than a six-axis UR3e cobot from Universal Robots, which customers must purchase separately. Two packages are available: One is a do-it-yourself kit that can be installed by the customer, the other is installed by New Scale Robotics, which also provides training. Both packages include tooling and the sequence of commands for the cobot to measure specific parts. The packages feature a PC and software for programming the cobot to manipulate and measure parts. Accessories are tailored to users’ needs, with options including trays for parts and metrology fingertips. The UR3e cobot can work with as many as three grippers or calipers.

What’s new? The measurement system, which came out a few months ago.

Benefits Faster, more productive and highly accurate inspections, compared with manual inspections. New Scale Robotics says users can see a return on their investment in 10 months.

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