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Sept. 30, 2019

K 2019 is only six weeks away, and those of us fortunate enough to go to Düsseldorf, Germany, will be treated to the latest and best technology available to the industry. Some machinery companies even offer a peek of prototypes that will likely hit the market later.

Plastics Machinery Magazine will have three editorial staff members at the show searching for the new products that will wow our readers. In December, you will receive a special supplement covering new products from the K show. We also will begin three months of extensive coverage.

It is not possible for me and senior staff reporters Bruce Geiselman and Bruce Adams to visit all 3,000 exhibitors during the eight-day show. But, if you are a machinery or equipment manufacturer, you can make sure your company’s new products are included in our coverage by sending information to [email protected]. The PMM staff already is working on the December supplement. The deadline for submission to be considered for inclusion in that publication is Oct. 15.

The information we need includes a description of the new products, what’s new about them and the benefits for users. High-resolution photos (300 dpi or greater) are appreciated. Be sure to include contact information in the event the reader wants to find out more.

We are looking forward to covering all the new equipment, and you can help by sending information to us.

Ron Shinn, editor

[email protected]

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Ron Shinn | Editor

Editor Ron Shinn is a co-founder of Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing and has been covering the plastics industry for more than 35 years. He leads the editorial team, directs coverage and sets the editorial calendar. He also writes features, including the Talking Points column and On the Factory Floor, and covers recycling and sustainability for PMM and Plastics Recycling.