Milacron expands dryer line with large models

Sept. 12, 2019
Milacron’s M-D series of dryers continues to grow.

Milacron’s M-D series of dryers continues to grow.

In June, the company added 10 new, larger dryers to the series, which is part of its Milacron Carousel Plus line of dehumidifying dryers.

The launch of models with drying capacities ranging from 600 pounds per hour to 5,000 pounds per hour follows the debut last year of the M-D series, with initial capacities from 150 to 400 pounds per hour.

While the smaller M-D models come with a choice of a Plus (standard) or Premium color touch-screen control, the M-D600 though M-D5000 models come with a Premium control as standard. The Premium control features a larger, 7-inch screen and has descriptive help screens for operators, detailed trending screens, auto-start capabilities and password protection.

A dew-point control feature built into the microprocessor control allows an operator to select a dew-point value, which the control locks onto. The control then adjusts various dryer functions to precisely maintain the selected dew point. The dryer accomplishes this while using less energy.

The Premium control is capable of Virtual Network Computing (VNC), so dryer control screens can be displayed on the control screen of a press, extruder or blow molding machine with VNC capability. Any processing-machine control with VNC capability can be used to connect with the M-D series Premium control. Depending on what’s most convenient, operators can modify set points and make changes from either the control on the processing machine or the dryer, instead of running back and forth between the dryer and the primary machine. The Premium control eliminates the need for using separate controls for the dryer and the processing machine.

To reduce material degradation, the Premium control provides a temperature-setback mode that automatically lowers the temperature in the dryer when the dryer detects a reduction in material throughput and a higher residence time. The control also can present trending data in real time or as historical data.

The M-D series dryers have an air-to-air aftercooler, so, unlike previous models, they do not require cooling water. This reduces costs and saves space. The air-to-air aftercooler cools the air that is returning from the drying hopper before it comes in contact with the desiccant. This makes the desiccant last longer and improves its efficiency in removing moisture from the air.

Milacron’s M-D series dryers can be used as a central drying system or as machine-side dryers with larger hoppers or with multiple hoppers.

The dryers come with a 5-year warranty that covers non-wear and maintenance parts. It is the longest and most extensive warranty Milacron has offered, the company said. 

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