PMM's top 10 most-read stories in October

Nov. 5, 2020
SPE's sustainability initiatives, a look at Sandy Guthrie's career and how Stihl solved cosmetic issues on its chainsaws were in the mix of stories that sparked the most interest.

Here are the 10 most-read stories of October on Plastics Machinery Magazine’s website. Did you miss any?

1. Conor Carlin, managing director for Illig North America, also advocates for sustainable practices in the plastics industry as VP Sustainability of the Society of Plastics Engineers.

2. Words like “science-fiction,” “Star Trek” and “impossible” come up a lot when talking about micromolding. Meet some processors that are pushing the frontiers of manufacturing.

3.  Kraton Corp. recently launched its CirKular+ additives, which act as compatibilizers and enhance the performance of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic recycling streams, bioplastics and combinations of virgin and recycled plastics.

4. Sandy Guthrie's 40-plus-year career began with extrusion and today finds him supplying know-how and scrap-to-pellet systems with ADG Solutions.

5. Fixing a cosmetic issue on a chainsaw handle required an interesting collaboration between processor Stihl, hot-runner manufacturer HRSflow and mold maker Industrial Molds.

6. Machinery makers' specialized technologies address the challenges of micromolding, with precision and repeatability being key to the process.

7. Vent flow occurs when polymer or compound flows out of a vacuum or atmospheric vent opening, preventing air and gases from escaping the extruder, causing product defects and making a mess. Dean Elliott of Entek explains how to prevent and resolve it.

8. Machinery manufacturer Milacron offered ideas for expanding your machinery utilization and production through aftermarket upgrades of existing assets.

9. Injection molding machine manufacturers and productive users realize that skimping on maintenance carries a high price down the road.

10. The new Wittmann Battenfeld G-Max 13 is the fourth model and second-smallest in the line of granulators designed for closed-loop recycling of sprues and runners from injection molding machines.