PLASTICS: Helping equipment manufacturers navigate the marketplace

Feb. 16, 2023
Committee on Equipment Statistics provides valuable intel for decision makers.

Accurate, actionable business intelligence is key to success in today’s fast-moving marketplace. One of the most robust data streams in the industry comes from the Plastics Industry Association’s (PLASTICS) Committee on Equipment Statistics (CES).  

The goal of CES is to provide the most complete, accurate and punctual statistical reports possible on plastics machinery and/or related equipment — information that forms the basis of sound business decisions. 

“Because we have end-to-end perspective on the entire plastics value chain, PLASTICS enjoys a unique understanding of informational needs throughout the industry,” said Whitney Taveras, director of the PLASTICS Equipment Council, of which CES is a component. “With industry-leading equipment manufacturers participating in and driving the program, CES data has proven invaluable time and again.” 

Open to any company that can contribute relevant data, inside or outside the association, CES benchmarks participant operations with up-to-date market information on equipment orders or shipments for all major sectors of the industry. Currently, CES reports on screws, and injection molding, auxiliary, extrusion, blow molding and hot-runner machine sales.  

Monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports tracking this information provide participating companies exclusive data and analysis that aren’t otherwise shared outside the reporting community or PLASTICS membership. 

Trend analysis 

Data is published monthly on an aggregated basis — no individual company data is revealed — and broken down by new shipments or orders, equipment type and machine size, by both dollars and units, to help show how the plastics market is trending monthly, quarterly and annually. Participants can compare and contrast categories, analyze CES data in light of other sources, such as UCC Filings & Capacity, and keep a watchful eye out for trends. 

General and sales management 

Participation in the CES data stream can enhance decision-making throughout an organization, as companies compare their shipments and orders against the total market, and seek to inform acquisition, divestiture, capital expenditure, funding plans and sales-side staffing needs. All the while, CES data informs sales forecasts and helps to determine performance strengths and challenges. 


Participants use CES data to help make better buying decisions and determine inventory levels. They can identify technology gaps, determining the need for technology enhancement to become more competitive. They might find that existing products need to be enhanced, and/or see the need for entirely new products.  


CES reports can help determine which products, sizes and technology platforms can be profitably promoted and exhibited at trade shows, such as PLASTICS’ own NPE2024. The need for pricing adjustments, or changes to an overall marketing strategy, might also be determined. 

Data security 

“One thing we can’t stress strongly enough is the level of security with which we treat the information companies share with us,” Taveras said. “No one at PLASTICS sees a company’s individual data. Participation is wholly confidential.” Taveras went on to explain that a third-party data fiduciary keeps all web and data services on a private server, protected by a robust hardware firewall. 

“The CES program provides us with accurate and comprehensive market data and industry-related economic data. This information helps us make better business decisions," said Mark Sankovitch, regional president, North America, Engel Machinery Inc. 

“The valuable data that CES provides is one of the main reasons our company has been active in the Plastics Industry Association," said —Tony Marchelletta, national sales manager, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag. "It allows us to evaluate our company’s performance against the broader market and make adjustments to our strategy on a real-time basis.” 

Any company with relevant data to share that would like to benefit from CES reporting is encouraged to reach out to PLASTICS via email at [email protected] for information on how to become involved.  

Non-member companies also are encouraged to consider a PLASTICS membership, through which they can combine their CES reports with a rich stream of exclusive data and analysis from the association. Interested companies can email [email protected] for information.