PMM’s 10 most-read stories in June

July 2, 2021
Popular stories covered the medical field during the pandemic and beyond; ways to defend against cyberattacks; news on a key industry promotion; and a commentary on the future of plastics.

Readers came to Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing’s website in June to read our series of stories about plastics in the medical field during the pandemic and beyond. They were also interested in ways to defend against cyberattacks, news on a key industry promotion and a commentary on the future of plastics. Did you miss any of these popular reads on 

  1. The resin supply is expected to take months to recover after shortages and price spikes caused by the pandemic and the Texas ice storm, said industry expert Esteban Sagel. 
  2. Kimberly Ryan, the president of Coperion, was chosen by Hillenbrand Inc.’s board of directors to succeed the company’s current president and CEO, Joe Raver, when he retires next year. The company’s brands also include Milacron and Mold-Masters.  
  3. Made with Engel's watermelt fluid injection molding technology, lightweight electric bicycles sporting thermoplastic-composite frames are hitting the streets of Europe. 
  4. Processors have been working with customers in the health-care sector to prioritize projects and hurry essential products to market, including personal protective equipment, testing kits and ventilator components. 
  5. Injection molding machine manufacturers who work in the medical market must meet requirements for clean rooms, micromolding, challenging resins and more, while dealing with demand surges and supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. 
  6. An Evosys laser welder provided a seamless solution for emissions-tank maker Dynacert, which makes tanks used in an electrolysis process that boosts the combustion efficiency of diesel engines. 
  7. During the pandemic, Husky met medical needs with quick deliveries, especially for urgent and mission-critical medical applications, as well as new products, including an integrated system for making blood-collection tubes. 
  8. Recent ransomware attacks have made headlines and disrupted industries, but too many plastics processors think a cyberattack won't happen to them. Experts gave tips on how to keep your plant's data secure.  
  9. After experiencing too many part misfeeds and jams, an automotive supplier installed a flexible new Skye Automation system that can reliably check 15 different components. 
  10. Our editor, Ron Shinn, wonders if time is running out for the plastics industry. Environmental pressures and legislation make the future of plastics uncertain, and the industry needs to take action now.