PMM's top 10 most-read stories in August

Sept. 2, 2020

The most-read stories on for the month of August included a profile of savvy industry veteran Charlie Martin; articles from our series on control systems and on machinery for sustainable resinsan OEM’s guide to determining the correct size of injection molding machine for your product; and Product Innovations features spotlighting the latest in plastics machinery technology. Did you miss any? 

1. We talked with Charlie Martin, president and GM of Leistritz Extrusion, who has leveraged his hard work over 36 years in the extrusion equipment business to become an expert in the field. 

2. Milacron continues to upgrade M-Powered, a networked, IIOT suite of observational, analytical and support services that’s tailored to individual users. 

3. Entek, the manufacturer of twin-screw, co-rotating compounding extruders, is seeing significant growth in sales of extruders for recycled resins and bioplastics. 

4. Injection molding machine maker Absolute Haitian provided a guide for matching your needs to the correct clamp and injection unit. 

5. Nissei helps its customers get the most from their machines with in-depth training on the Tact IV controller, which is used on all the company's presses. 

6. Yaskawa's HC20XP cobot thrives in damp, splash-prone environments, and can handle a range of tasks, including machine tending, in-mold labeling and palletizing. 

7. PMM editor Ron Shinn wonders if the COVID-19 pandemic will give reshoring a boost. 

8. Three more new additions to Milacron's M-Powered suite of applications are designed to provide predictive maintenance capabilities to its users. 

9. Metrom’s new 3-D printer features screw extrusion additive manufacturing (SEAM) technology which can process standard resin pellets. 

10. OEMs are reporting increased interest in extruders designed especially for recycling, which must overcome challenges such as contamination, degassing, moisture and corrosion.