White Papers and eBooks

July 3, 2020


Thin films and sheeting are a popular choice for packaging, protecting many everyday items from leftover food to consumer goods. To ensure that thin films in the manufacturing process meet expectations, packaging companies must obtain an accurate mechanical profile. Instron’s guide, “Thin Film Gripping and Jaw Face Comparison,” offers an overview of what is expected when testing thin film specimens of various thicknesses with different gripping and jaw face combinations. Instron provides a broad range of materials testing systems. www.instron.us/-/media/literature-library/whitepapers/2020/04/thin-film-whitepaper.pdf


Avoiding downtime caused by metal contamination in the granulate is the focus of Sesotec’s white paper, “Important factors when buying a metal detector for plastics processing machines.” It helps customers choose installation- and user-friendly metal detectors for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding processes. Sesotec specializes in equipment for contaminant detection and materials sorting. https://tinyurl.com/y83trcpl


Manufacturing has many opportunities for digitization, yet Industrial IoT implementations have historically had a high rate of failure. “A New Approach: Jump Starting the Platform” from Machine Metrics examines what contributes to these failures, what needs to change to enable IIoT initiatives and the company’s approach to the problem. www.machinemetrics.com/reinventing-the-iot-platform

If your company is considering buying a multi-task machine, or if you’re wondering how to make the most of the one you already own, “What You Need to Know About Programming Multi-Task Machines” from 3D Systems discusses the benefits of using MTMs, typical machine configurations and the types of parts created on them, the challenges of programming and solutions to overcome those challenges. www.3dsystems.com/landing/mtm-programming-whitepaper


Tomra’s e-book, “Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence,” examines the impact of AI on the recycling industry, its roots and milestones, the role it plays in sorting processes and trends for opening up potential new markets. The company provides technology-led solutions to enable the circular economy with collection and sorting systems. https://solutions.tomra.com/ai-ebook


As more manufacturers turn to Multi Jet Fusion printing, surface finishing techniques pose limitations and create bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. Current MJF manual surface finishing methods often require a significant amount of labor and cost, while vibratory systems can be hazardous to complex and fragile part geometries. PostProcess discusses its alternative approach in “Eliminating Manual Surface Finishing For Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D Printed Parts.” The technology combines software-driven automation, suspended rotational force, and a patent-pending chemistry solution that leads to reduced manual labor time, increased consistency, and reduced part breakage. PostProcess automates post-printing support removal and surface finishing for a wide range of 3-D printing technologies. www.postprocess.com/eliminating-manual-surface-finishing-for-multi-jet-fusion-mjf-3d-printed-solutions/


The skills gap in the manufacturing world is a perennial crisis that seems to increase with every new technological leap or generational change. The Manufacturer’s Toolkit eBook addresses how manufacturers have begun to systematically attack the skills gap by re-evaluating their recruitment tactics, beefing up training programs and harnessing technologies designed to support and attract (not replace) workers. It also outlines examples of these tactics and their applications across industries. https://informamanu.lookbookhq.com/iw_epicor/skills-gap-ebook


Solidworks details “Five Reasons Manufacturers Need Better Data Management,” offering solutions to the challenges organizations face in managing product design and manufacturing data, and leveraging it to help the company boost productivity, improve quality, facilitate collaboration, increase agility and inspire innovation. Solidworks offers 3-D software tools to design, simulate and manage product data. www.solidworks.com/media/five-reasons-manufacturers-need-better-data-management