Reifenhäuser Group expands to fourth generation 

April 16, 2024
Jan Karnath becomes the company's first chief digital officer.

Extrusion technologies specialist the Reifenhäuser Group, based in Troisdorf, Germany, announced in April that Jan Karnath, 39, a nephew of CEO Bernd Reifenhäuser and Chief Strategy Officer Ulrich Reifenhäuser, is the first representative of the fourth generation of the family to join the business.  

He will be the company's first chief digital officer, overseeing the group’s overall digital strategy and the development of the tech startup RE: GmbH, which specializes in connecting entire production facilities; AR:DEL, Reifenhäuser's digital education and learning platform; and R-Cycle, the digital product passport for sustainable packaging. 

Reifenhäuser Group is a supplier of plastic extrusion technologies and components.