Pixargus system inspects tubes, hoses, cables

May 23, 2024
The upgraded AllRounDia DualVision has additional hardware and software options.

AllRounDia DualVision (DV) Featuring LED lighting and optical sensors that can capture 4 million pixels, this four-camera Pixargus surface-inspection system measures the diameter, ovality and contours of tubes, hoses and cables. The in-line, easy-to-set-up system can inspect matte, glossy and even black, translucent or semi-transparent surfaces. It is currently available for round products with diameters of up to around 1.5 inches, but Pixargus plans to soon expand its offerings to cover diameters of up to around 2.5 inches and 4.3 inches. 

What’s new? An upgraded version, thanks to additional hardware and software options developed last year. The company now offers as options the ability to connect with peripheral devices, as well as a large monitor — instead of the standard 10-inch screen — for better evaluation of defects. New lighting ensures that the field of vision and the measuring field are always perfectly lit. 

Benefits Real-time gapless 360-degree diameter measurement, resulting in inspections covering 100 percent of profile surfaces. According to Pixargus, recent upgrades have optimized flaw detection. Users now can repeatedly view short video replays of defects to better analyze them, and with the optional monitor, view renderings of defects with millimeter precision. With the Industry 4.0-compatible AllRoundDia DV, users can detect defects as small as 0.5mm, including fissures, inclusions, flecks, bubbles, cracks, holes, or missing sheathing. 

Pixargus Inc., Cincinnati, 513-860-0460, www.pixargus.com 

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