Micro-Epsilon upgrades ScanControl 3000 sensors

May 10, 2024
Ideal for extrusion processors, they now offer faster data acquisition for 3D parts and faster evaluation of 2D parts.

ScanControl 3000 With no need for an external controller, these compact, lightweight Micro-Epsilon sensors are designed to make either two-dimensional or three-dimensional measurements of parts in manufacturing lines. Extrusion processors, in particular, use them to spot defects and make 2D measurements of the dimensions, angles and gaps of profiles. 

What’s new? Improved algorithms and components, available as part of an upgrade called speedlift that allows faster data acquisition involving 3D parts, as well as faster evaluation of 2D parts. The Micro-Epsilon technology also now can handle a bigger measurement range, from about 1 inch to 23.6 inches. Speedlift is available with new technologies, as well as with existing sensors. 

Benefits An increase of up to 60 percent in profile calculation and evaluation speed, thanks to the upgrades. The sensors are accurate, boasting data acquisition and output of up to 10 million measuring points per second. 

Micro-Epsilon, Raleigh, N.C., 919-787-9707, www.micro-epsilon.us 

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