Addex plenum reduces need for hoses in blown film lines

May 9, 2024
The design has dual channels that direct air flow in opposing directions for better bubble stability and profile control.

Single-inlet plenum This ventilation chamber from Addex can be used as a retrofitted piece for existing blown film lines.  

What’s new? The plenum, which features a new aerodynamic design. It has dual counterflow channels that direct air flow in two opposing directions that join together to create a combined uniform flow of air to the lip set. It offers an improvement over conventional single-inlet plenums that have only one blower hose. Such equipment sometimes is unable to deliver an even gauge profile, making multi-inlet air rings more attractive than conventional plenum offerings because the multi-inlet units can divide air flow into multiple closely spaced inlets. 

Benefits Better bubble stability and profile control. Users of a single-inlet plenum need fewer hoses, which eliminates the potential risk of thickness profile variations caused by the use a variety of hoses with disparate dimensions. This also conserves plant-floor space and provides easier access for operators to do work around the die.  

Addex Inc., Newark, N.Y., 

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