Inoex dosing systems integrate with data-management solution

May 15, 2024
TheSaveOMat G for extruders is also optimized for material flow and easy to clean.

SaveOMat G This Inoex range of gravimetric dosing systems for extruders includes individual weighing hoppers with variants that can handle powder as well as pellets, with available configurations that can manage up to seven components for more complex recipes. The hoppers’ geometry eliminates dead zones and optimizes material flow behavior, and their integrated control system has an intuitive user interface. The line has 11 models with throughputs ranging from 0.44 pound to 4,409 pounds per hour.  

What’s new? Integration with iDM 4.0, Inoex’s data-management gateway system. IDM 4.0 is a subscription-based solution that tracks live data and makes historical data easily accessible. It can integrate with all Inoex dosing and measurement equipment within a facility or across multiple facilities, so users can track process and quality data along their extrusion lines.  

Benefits Improved output and cost savings. The SaveOMat G units can reduce start-up scrap and maximize flexibility with easy cleaning for fast product changeover. When used with iDM 4.0, the SaveOMat G line not only efficiently controls material feeding for a single extrusion line but becomes part of a larger data system that helps users optimize product quality and throughput while lowering material use and production costs, and giving users actionable production insights from raw data. 

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