Coperion redesigns ZSK 18 MegaLab extruder

March 11, 2024
New features offer greater flexibility and safety in handling.

ZSK 18 MegaLab Coperion has undertaken a redesign of its ZSK 18 MegaLab laboratory extruder. Built for use in research and development projects as well as for production of minimum quantities, the extruder features a screw diameter of 18mm and can reach a maximum rotation speed of 1,200 rpm.  

What’s new? A range of new features, including a patent-pending feeding platform and pluggable cartridge heaters that replace hard-wired ones, to allow for rapid barrel reconfigurations and heater exchanges. 

Benefits Greater flexibility and safety in handling. The new feeding platform attaches firmly to the extruder, allowing for flexible positioning of up to four feeders and making adding ingredients much easier. The feeding platform’s pivoting design also simplifies cleaning. The gearbox now allows the door to be opened without tools as soon as the screw shafts come to a complete stop, allowing for faster completion of maintenance tasks while ensuring worker safety, as the machine can be restarted only when the maintenance doors are closed. Coperion also separated the mechanical and electrical machine components, with the control cabinet mounted laterally onto the base frame, so mechanical maintenance tasks can be performed without requiring an electrician.  

Coperion Corp., Sewell, N.J., 856-256-3175, 

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