LaserLinc system offers precise flaw detection

July 31, 2023
FlawSense is used to spot defects in high-specification, high-value wire, cable, pipe and tube products.

FlawSense LaserLinc’s measurement system addresses some of the flaws of traditional measurement techniques used to detect defects in wire, cable, pipe and tube product. Some traditional techniques can’t measure the product’s full contour; others offer only limited measurement points per sensor, or are prone to false positives triggered by text or labels. In contrast, FlawSense uses high-speed laser line triangulation to provide 360-degree inline or offline inspection, regardless of product orientation in the measurement field. It’s ideal for measuring high-specification, high-value products including medical devices like catheters and medical tubes, complex armored cable, and high-pressure hoses for the automobile and aerospace industries.

What’s new? FlawSense 

Benefits Precise, reliable measurement, improved product quality and lower scrap and rework levels. FlawSense’s resolution is 10 times better than camera-based systems. It reliably detects lumps, gels, pits, slits and other surface defects as small as 5 microns. It digitizes thousands of measurement points around the product’s contour, then produces a 3D point cloud image that can be used for further analysis.   

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Vital Statistics 

Model 3-029 

Model 3-069 

Minimum outer diameter 



Maximum outer diameter 



Minimum detectable defect height 

5 microns 

25 microns 

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