Baruffaldi threading machine is versatile

May 31, 2023
The FT/C-10/40 can cut a range of thread types, including trapezoidal, triangular, metric and gas, and is easy to use and maintain.

FT/C-10/40 Baruffaldi’s off-line threading machines can process smooth PVC, PE and PP pipes, adding internal and external threads as desired by the customer. They are built with an electro-welded steel cross-sectional frame that is fully enclosed with panels. The threading cutting unit is assembled on a sliding carriage, supported by ball and lead screw guides, to ensure rigid and precise movement during the work phase. Its threading machines are all Industry 4.0-compatible. Baruffaldi produces equipment for pipe extrusion under its Primac brand. 

What’s new? The FT/C-10/40, which can handle pipes with an outer diameter of 10mm to 40mm. 

Benefits Flexibility. The threading unit can cut internal and external threads to DIN 4925 and DIN 2999 standards in a range of thread types, including trapezoidal, triangular, metric and gas. Easy tool adjustment and replacement makes production changeovers quick, and it is easy to use and maintain the threading machines. An optional chamfering capability can be added to improve the final product. 

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