New Entek extruder coming in 2024

Feb. 21, 2023
It will be the company's largest twin-screw extruder to date, measuring 160mm.

Entek announced it has developed its largest twin-screw extruder to date, measuring 160mm. The company has scheduled to ship the first extruder of this size which will be used for high-output applications including masterbatch compounding in the fourth quarter of 2024.  

Although Entek makes replacement parts as large as 250mm, the largest extruder it had offered previously was a 133mm model. 

“We have been making replacement wear parts for this size of machine for almost 20 years, for other brands of twin-screw extruders,” said Linda Campbell, Entek VP of extrusion sales. “We have seen the market demand for this size and recognized the gap in our Entek machine lineup.” 

Entek, which supplies turnkey extrusion systems, twin-screw extruders and components, is based in Lebanon, Ore. The company announced the extruder at a media event Feb. 10 at its new facility in Henderson, Nev.