Conveyostat ionizers get upgrade

Jan. 20, 2023
The IQ Power BPS-C allows for the static-elimination system to communicate directly and in real time with a PLC.

IQ Power BPS-C This Simco-Ion technology is an intelligent monitoring power supply that can manage Conveyostat trim-system ionizers used by film and sheet manufacturers. When connected to the IQ Power Control Station, the BPS-C allows for the static-elimination system to communicate directly with a PLC via Ethernet or USB connection. This allows real-time information about bar cleanliness, ion output and ionizer status to be communicated to the PLC. The IQ Power BPS-C is compatible with Conveyostat systems made after 2015, but easily retrofittable to older systems. 

What’s new? The IQ Power BPS-C, which represents an upgrade to Conveyostat systems. 

Benefits Ease of installation, greater efficiency and continued neutralization of static charges that could jam pneumatic conveying systems. The IQ Power BPS-C improves the performance of static-elimination systems.   

Simco-Ion, Hatfield, Pa., 215-822-6401, 

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