Upgrade available for PTi servicing kits to accommodate chrome rolls, feed screws

Dec. 20, 2022
The uCAMS Plus system is available in three sizes. Take a video tour with PMM Editor Ron Shinn and PTi President Dana Hanson.

By Ron Shinn 

Processing Technologies International (PTi) has updated its die servicing system to turn it into a multi-purpose unit suitable for servicing chrome rolls and feed screws in addition to flat dies. 

The new unit is called the Universal Cleaning Assembly and Maintenance System (uCAMS) Plus. PTi has applied for a patent and trademarked the name. It was shown for the first time at the AMI Plastics Extrusion World Expo in November in Cleveland. 

The uCAMS are available in three sizes — the 1500S, 2000S and 2500S for servicing flat dies with widths from 710mm to 2,500mm. Adjustable trunnion supports eliminate the need for multiple, width-specific carts and/or trunnions. 

PTi said mobility, ease of use by a single operator and safe accessibility are advantages of the uCAMS system, which the company introduced in 2021. 

Width adjustment is made by turning an adjustment wheel. This allows for precise placement and alignment of the die in the trunnion upright cradles. Digital width indicators coupled with threaded mechanisms prevent unwanted position changes from occurring. 

The Plus package is sold as an add-on to the basic uCAMS. It transforms the die servicing unit into a station for chrome rolls and feed screws. 

The uCAMS Plus upgrade consists of two pairs of A-frame and feed screw roller support assemblies, each with storage cradles that keep the components organized when not being used. 

To service chrome rolls, the A-frame supports are mounted to the upright die-trunnion support cradles with toolless quick pins.  

Bronze rollers are recessed into the A-frame supports to protect the chrome rail journals from damage when rotating in the supports. 

The unit can be converted to a feed-screw service station by mounting the feed-screw roller assemblies onto the A-frame supports with toolless quick pins. 

Maximum weight limits for uCAMS service components are 6,000 pounds for flat dies and chrome rolls and 2,000 pounds for feed screws. 

Ron Shinn, editor 

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