Reifenhauser's PAM device automates adjustments

Jan. 31, 2023
Calibration of coextrusion adapters and dies can be accomplished 78 percent faster than with a conventional system.

PAM automation Equipped with two automated screwdrivers that adjust the manual bolts, this optional system — which stands for Precise, Autonomous, Mechatronic — controls the flex lip, restrictor bar, external and internal width adjustment and lip gap of extrusion tooling. It comes with new Reifenhäuser dies or can be retrofitted on existing lines in the market, independent of the manufacturer.

What’s new? The device, which automatically calibrates coextrusion adapters and dies.

Benefits Increased line productivity and film quality, and reduced energy consumption. Using the PAM system simplifies the work of machine operators and reduces scrap and the amount of time operators need to start up production. Additionally, the system can store and recall recipes, making it easier for operators to switch between products, as well as to provide tracking and tracing information to their customers. Because calibration with the PAM device is contactless, operators no longer have to work on hot components, making their jobs safer and reducing the risk of damage. For example, a width changeover with PAM in a cast application with internal width adjustment is 78 percent faster than with a conventional system. In addition, PAM saves energy because no thermal expansion bolts need to be permanently powered. For example, switching from thermal expansion bolts to PAM for a 3,000mm-wide die saves about 130,500 kilowatt hours per year.

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