Reifenhäuser software helps manufacturers utilize data

Sept. 1, 2022
Launched under the company's new startup, RE:, c.Hub manages machine data while ExtrusionOS offers user-friendly tools to monitor, manage, store and analyze this data.

c.Hub This middleware software is the culmination of efforts by Reifenhäuser and its new corporate startup, called RE:, specializing in internet-of-things solutions for plastic extrusion companies. The software works as a mediator between multiple data sources, such as machine PLCs, and applications including ExtrusionOS, a Reifenhäuser application that monitors and securely documents production processes and compliance traceability for makers of film used to seal food. In addition, the software also works with ERP and MEP software. Software, which can access, transfer and store data in the c.Hub, is available to support a variety of protocols. c.Hub can be deployed in several ways, using either customers’ existing infrastructure or servers or other hardware provided by Reifenhäuser. Along with ExtrusionOS, it can be purchased either with new Reifenhäuser equipment or retrofitted with existing lines and servers. 

What’s new? ExtrusionOS and c.Hub, which Reifenhäuser will demonstrate at the K show.  

Benefits Data accessibility. Users of c.Hub can access all data from anywhere at any time in a user-friendly fashion. As an additional benefit, people who generate the data retain full control over it. ExtrusionOS provides user-friendly applications and dashboards that help monitor, manage, store and analyze this data. c.Hub allows valuable information from the extrusion lines to be communicated to downstream equipment or thermoformers, in order to optimize the process. With it, operators can monitor the condition of their connected equipment, get alerts when it’s operating outside set thresholds and adjust machinery optimally; this allows them to operate more efficiently, and prevent waste and customer complaints. 

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