Pixargus inspection system focuses on profiles

June 24, 2021
The iProfilControl employs up to eight cameras in its desktop-sized system to watch for out-of-spec problems.

Profile inspection systems Pixargus manufactures a range of machine vision technologies to inspect extruded products, from simple tubes to complex profiles made of plastic, rubber or metal. These systems employ a hinged cover that surrounds profiles in a full 360-degree arc, excluding the external light sources that can interfere with measurement in C-shaped designs from some other suppliers. Its sturdy, all-stainless steel exterior construction can stand up to the rigors of 24/7 factory floor production.

What’s new? The iProfilControl. Pixargus brings its inspection technology to this desktop-sized system.

Benefits Size and affordability. The iProfilControl takes up very little space on a production line while measuring up to 400 million pixels per second at a lower price than some other models. Using as many as eight cameras, it can capture the contour, distances, angles and radii of any profile, and can find out-of-spec issues including contour deviations, deformation, grooves, bubbles and scratches. It is Industry 4.0-ready, and can be controlled by a tablet, notebook or networked PC. 

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