Ross ribbon blenders improve worker safety

April 29, 2021
The ergonomic bag dump unloading station lets material pass through a bar grating, and safety limit switches prevent the agitator from operating if access ports are open or the grating is removed.

Sanitary ribbon blender with bag unloading station Charles Ross & Son ribbon blenders can be used for mixing and/or drying various plastic powders, pellets or granules, as well as for blending in very minor components like additives and colorants. This model features interior and exterior stainless-steel surfaces that are polished to 150-grit sanitary finish. It also has a sanitary 4-inch spherical disc discharge valve with a pneumatic actuator.

What’s new? Ergonomic material handling. The bag dump unloading station allows bags to be emptied without putting undue stress on operators. This custom cover arrangement is now available on all ribbon blenders.

Benefits Improved worker safety. Operators can empty bags through a bar grating, keeping them safely away from moving parts. Foreign debris and off-spec ingredients are caught by a vibrating tray assembly and kept from entering with the powder. Safety limit switches prevent the agitator from operating if any access ports are open or if the grating is removed, and the blender is built with UL-listed operator controls.

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