Leistritz extruder designed for processing small batches

May 12, 2021
The ZSE-16 is capable of ultra-low-rate processing and, with the proper gearbox, can produce ultra-high torque.

ZSE-16 This twin-screw extruder from Leistritz Extrusion is designed to process batches from as small as 20 grams up to 100 grams. It features a segmented two-piece stainless-steel barrel, a water-cooled feed barrel and its modular screws and barrels are designed to provide efficient mixing. Customers can order it as a standalone extrusion system, or they can mate a ZSE-16 process section to a new or existing ZSE-18 gearbox.

What’s new? The ZSE-16.

Benefits Ultra-low rate processing and batch sampling. Its splined shaft design, when mated to a ZSE-18 gearbox, can produce ultra-high torque. Combining that with the low free volume (the space between the screw and the barrel) provided by its tri-lobal screw design makes possible sampling and feasibility testing that can’t be replicated on other twin-screw extrusion devices.

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                                                    Vital statistics        

Diameter of screws


Length over diameter ratio


OD/ID ratio


Flight depth



72 newton meters

Free volume

1 cubic centimeter per revolution