Gneuss rotary filtration systems gain new filter size

March 22, 2021
The company's line of rotary melt filtration systems includes the RSFgenius, SFXmagnus, SFneos and CFSprimus models.

Rotary filtration systems Gneuss’ line of rotary melt filtration systems includes the RSFgenius, SFXmagnus, SFneos and CFSprimus models. They operate continuously and automatically and are process- and pressure-constant. The various models differ in terms of drive design and whether they offer integrated back-flushing. They are appropriate for a wide range of plastics processing applications, including extrusion of film, sheet, pipe, profile and tubing; compounding masterbatch; and recycling. 

What’s new? A new filter size, the 110, which has almost 20 percent more active screen area than the size 90 filter that corresponds to each model. Size of the screen ranges from 46 square inches to 62 square inches, depending on the model of filtration system.  

Benefits More choices. The size 110 fills a gap between the 90 and 150 filter sizes — the 150 has an active filtration area more than 50 percent larger than the 90. The new size allows Gneuss to supply optimized and cost-efficient filtration for more applications.  

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