Munson mixer offers fast, uniform blending

March 10, 2021
The RCM-60X20-SS combines all-stainless-steel construction and substantial size.

Model RCM-60X20-SS This sanitary rotary continuous mixer from Munson Machinery uses mixing flights on the interior of its rotating cylinder to gently blend primary bulk ingredients with minor ingredients and/or liquid additions. It has a stationary inlet and outlet to allow hard connections to upstream and downstream process equipment, and an internal stainless steel spray line for even distribution of liquids. It can be used to mix a wide variety of bulk materials, including regrind, plastic pellets and thermoplastic additives.

What’s new? The mixer, which is one of the largest in the line with a mixing drum length of 20 feet and a diameter of 5 feet.

Benefits Fast, uniform blending. It evenly distributes particles, typically in as little as one to two minutes of residence time, without imparting shear or generating heat like mixers that force agitators through stationary materials. Its all-stainless-steel construction and smooth interior surfaces allow quick inspection and cleanout of interior surfaces.

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