Flexible screw conveyor can withstand abrasive materials

Feb. 25, 2021
Flexicon's new unit has heavy-duty carbon steel construction and a durable coating.

Flexible screw conveyor This conveyor from Flexicon has a screw that is available in lengths of up to 40 feet and comes in round, square, flat or beveled profiles. The 4.5-inch-diameter conveyor tube can be adjusted to any angle, either vertically or horizontally. The conveyor’s heavy-duty, flexible screw self-centers as it rotates, and is the only moving part to come into contact with the material being transported. It can be quickly replaced should it fail.

What’s new? Heavy-duty construction. The conveyor, which debuted in January, is constructed of carbon steel, has a heavy-gauge floor hopper and discharge housing, and comes with a durable industrial coating.

Benefits Abrasion resistance. The conveyor can stand up to wear caused by such materials as glass-filled nylon resins or abrasive additives.

Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa., 610-814-2400, www.flexicon.com