Tool diagnoses shaft misalignments

Dec. 14, 2020
Fluke's ShaftAlign Touch sets up quickly and can be used on almost any machinery that includes a rotating shaft.

ShaftAlign Touch This tool uses a single laser and a reflector and can be used for almost every alignment task on machinery that incorporates rotating shafts, including air compressors and the pumps and motors that feed and power extruders and injection molding machines. Its rugged, 8-inch tablet has a color screen and an intuitive user interface; the data it collects can be shared wirelessly via the cloud and transferred to the ARC 4.0 software system, which can be used to store, share and find trends in the data. ShaftAlign Touch is a Prüftechnik-built and -branded system; Prüftechnik was acquired by Fluke in 2019. 

What’s new? The ShaftAlign Touch system.

Benefits Improved data gathering. ShaftAlign Touch sets up faster than dial indicators, offers higher precision than feeler gauges and can eliminate human measuring errors. Users can measure up to five points on a machine shaft, which increases the accuracy of the calculated alignment. Identifying and fixing misalignments can decrease power consumption, reduce wear caused by vibration and extend a machine’s lifespan.

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