Machine adds sockets to corrugated pipe

Sept. 17, 2020
The Primac SRM 200-700/6-CA works inline with the extruder and automatically welds sockets to lengths of PE or PP pipe.

Primac SRM 200-700/6-CA This socket welding machine from Primac works inline with an extruder producing corrugated PE and PP pipe. When a section of pipe requires a socket, it is diverted from the line onto the machine, where an automatic pick-and-place unit positions a socket around one end of the pipe. The machine then rotates the pipe and socket as a patented heat-welding system affixed to a stationary arm adds material from a single-screw extruder to join the socket to the pipe. Baruffaldi produces this equipment under its Primac brand.

What’s new? Pipe handling options. A pipe section can either be tilted off the side of the machine to roll along inclined supports to be temporarily held under the machine, or automatically unloaded onto a palletizer unit. The company has also replaced its belt haul-off mechanism with a pad haul-off mechanism.

Benefits Fast, reliable welds. Sockets can be attached without interfering with the speed of the extrusion line, and the welds will maintain their integrity even if the pipe is stored for a long time or laid incorrectly. The company said it can customize its machines to meet customers’ needs.

Baruffaldi Plastic Technology Srl, Fusignano, Italy, 39-0545-52652,  

Vital statistics 
Pipe external diameter range        

7.9 inches to 27.6 inches

Maximum pipe internal diameter        23.6 inches        
Range of pipe lengths        8.2 feet to 19.7 feet