Versatile strand pelletizer cuts hard, soft and filled resins

June 2, 2020
Maag's Primo 100E strand pelletizer has uniquely shaped blades for cutting hard, soft, brittle and highly filled plastics.

Primo 100E This strand pelletizer from Maag Group Automatik is especially suited for compounding up to 2,200 pounds of thermoplastics, materials for masterbatches and color concentrates an hour. It features high-quality carbide cutting tools and an optional second drive that makes it easy to change the length of the pellets during operation.  

What’s new? The Primo 100E, the latest in the company’s Primo E series. It has a unique cutting geometry, a flat entry angle and a short unguided length between the feed rollers and cutting unit. Also available is a separately driven, wear-resistant metal feed roller instead of the usual elastomer feed roller.   

Benefits Versatility. The Primo 100E’s unique cutting geometry guarantees high-quality cutting of hard, soft, brittle and highly filled plastics. 

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