Kautex adds foaming capabilities to EBM machines

July 29, 2020
The company's KBB evo machines can make lightweight containers and are designed for fast changeovers.

KBB evo Kautex’s latest generation of all-electric extrusion blow molding machines replaced machines in the company’s original KBB line. Designed to produce packaging from virgin and post-consumer resin, the line features several models, with clamping forces ranging from about 16.5 tons to 55 tons. 

What’s new? More features. Since the launch of the KBB evo last fall, Kautex has integrated foaming technology into the machines’ HMIs. Additionally, the company is offering its new WT extrusion heads with RapidXchange technology, which speeds up resin and color changes.  

Benefits Fast material changes and the ability to make lightweight foamed containers from virgin or post-consumer resin.  

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