ALPS adds vision option to FlexPitch leak tester

May 30, 2024
The system integrates an Omron camera and lighting for improved quality control.

FlexPitch ALPS Inspections’ FlexPitch machine offers processors a convenient, high-speed system for non-destructive leak inspection for blow molded containers. It maximizes flexibility for users, as test heads can be pre-set to the required pitch, enabling fast changeover between containers of varying diameters. It is particularly suitable for difficult-to-handle container shapes, including extremely tall or thin bottles, small bottles and bottles that do not nest effectively.  

What’s new? The Vision Option, which ALPS demonstrated at NPE. This option adds an Omron Smart Camera FHV7 series camera and integrated lighting, enabling the system to identify choked necks, finish ovality and internal/external diameter variations. 

Benefits Improved quality control. The company said the Vision Option is great for customers with select HDPE applications and looking to only identify select defects without the need to invest in a complex, expensive vision inspection system. There’s no additional footprint, because the Omron controls are integrated into the FlexPitch leak testing system. The Vision Option has an adjustable camera mount for easy changeover. An optional two-camera system can be installed for dual-neck containers. The company offers complimentary defect feasibility testing for new or existing customers, where its team evaluates quality and defect samples to provide a report with options for converters’ lines. 

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