Sidel's Bottle Switch speeds changeovers

June 26, 2023
The latest version automates more steps for switching preform neck finishes and bottle shapes.

Bottle Switch First developed by Sidel more than a decade ago, this system is a semiautomatic method for handling mold changeovers for a particular range of the company’s blow molding machines. 

What’s new? An updated version that automates more steps for switching preform neck finishes and bottle shapes for every Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) a processor produces. It is compatible with EvoBlow machines  Sidel’s latest generation of blow molders. It automates a wider portion of changeovers  to include the preform feeder, oven and molds — and includes motors that automatically adjust the positioning of preform feeder and oven elements to fit new formats. It also features digital clocks that display targeted settings for manual positionings and validate them once they are properly set. A robot arm with a double mold holder handles the changeovers. Operators access EvoBlow’s HMI to launch a new recipe for each SKU specification.  

Benefits Fast, precise and repeatable changeovers. When applied on the preform feeder and oven, Bottle Switch enables changeovers to be completed in just 17 minutes, rather than 1 hour 5 minutes for a manual process, while changeover time for each mold drops from 2 minutes to just 30 seconds. Sidel said the changeovers can achieve up to 98 percent efficiency. Use of Bottle Switch also reduces the risk of accident. 

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